Kudret Safa GÜMÜŞ

There are studies about comparative literature in Turkish literature. When the studies examined; there are notable works in the context of Diwan poetry, also. In our study; “alem bu ya” ghazals with redif written by Leyla Hanım who lived in the first half of 19th century and Bahâr-zâde Ferîde Hânım from Kastamonu who lived in the second half of 19th century will be examined and compared.
Bahâr-zâde Fende Hânım from Kastamonu had a talk about poem with poets who visited Kastamonu in her time. Especially, Bahâr-zâde Fende Hânım had a talk about poem with Leyla Hanım who was wife of governor Sırrı Pasha, they wrote “nazire” to each other’s poems. In addition this, both of the poets had touched on the sects which they joined in their works and they had approved the founder of this sects as “dest- gîr” for herself. While Leyla Hanım had joined the sect of Mevlevi, Bahâr-zâde Fende Hânım from Kastamonu had joined Şabân Baba that formed Şabaniyye branch of Halveti. In this study; the impact that they had made to each other will be revealed with regards to “âlem bu yâ” ghazals which are “nazire” to each other.


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